Reasons to Buy

Beyond the technical features of the platform, there are a plethora of benefits available to gplink owners.

Peace of Mind

Customergplink provides 24/7 monitoring of your vessel  and its critical systems.  With  gplink you are instantly notified when a designated alarm on your vessel activates. In addition to your notice, the  gplink 24/7 Concierge Call Center is notified immediately of any alarm on your boat.  The highly trained  gplink Concierge desk will assess the information and take immediate action, as required by the alarm in question.

Insurance Discounts

The added security offered by  gplink has another big advantage: it could lower your vessel’s insurance premium.

The ACE gplink Insurance Endorsement is an exclusive coverage available to owners of yachts and vessels that are equipped with an active gplink monitoring system. The ACE  gplink Insurance Endorsement can provide specialized protection, including towing costs, special depreciation provisions, and premium discounts for qualified vessels. If you have a commercial vessel, our Concierge is happy to assist you in discussing insurance discounts with your current provider.

Digital Accessibility

For yachts with older power systems that may not have been originally equipped with electronic interfaces, we install the necessary upgrades to communicate sensor data to our transponder. This adds value to your yacht in the way of modernization and upgrades to the core systems. Beyond showing you real-time data, your gplink account also archives all data, which can then be referenced at any time. Reports Screen ShotWe provide monthly and yearly yacht asset reports that enhance the resale value of your vessel. With gplink on your yacht, your engines’ diagnostic, maintenance and update information is readily accessible for your personal or resale use.

Emergency Notifications

There’s no worse place to have an emergency than a featureless section of ocean. gplink not only enables you to send and receive emergency messages via satellite, but we’ll know exactly where your vessel is, and can pass that information on to rescue & response agencies.

Software Evolution

In short, gplink will always be getting better. The unique thing about web software is that we’re able to innovate and roll-out feature updates quickly. We have a lot of developments on the road-map and even more great ideas brainstormed for the service, so what you’re buying into now is poised to become even more valuable and beneficial in the future.

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