Security & Alerts

Instant Notifications

gplink is designed to remotely monitor and notify you of any alarm conditions that may occur with your power or other critical safety systems. Alert notifications are sent automatically according to your delivery preferences via SMS text message and/or email, as well as alerting the gplink concierge. gplink can also interface with existing security systems to instantly notify you of tripped alarms.

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check engine

Engine Alarms

gplink monitors all critical engine vitals and sends notifications when an alarm status is activated. This includes fluid levels and temperatures, check engine codes, electrical and exhaust status, and much more.

bilge alert

Critical Systems

Your gplink system can be configured to monitor other critical systems on your vessel or power generation unit, including smoke detection, AC power, and battery and bilge levels.

geofence notification

Location, Location, Location

Geofence notifications are also sent via the alert system and all engine and critical system alerts are accompanied by GPS location data, so in the event of an emergency, you know exactly where things stand.

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