Remote Monitoring


On-Demand Diagnostics

gplink remotely monitors the most critical parameters of your engines or generators as well as select auxiliary systems, such as electrical power, smoke alarms & bilge levels. With these  remote capabilities, you can monitor your assets from anywhere in the world and technicians can remotely access any fault codes or operating conditions to provide remote support.

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Remote Monitoring

Look-in on your assets from any internet enabled computer, smart phone or mobile device.  Owners, operators and engineers can track operating parameters and assess system efficiency in near real-time.


Deep Integration

gplink can interface with more DM and DM2 codes than any other remote monitoring solution and the dashboard configuration can be customized to track the diagnostics that are most important to you.


At Your Service

Authorized representatives from the dealer network can utilize gplink to remotely assess your system’s operation or alarm condition – potentially eliminating preliminary service visits.

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