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Knowledge is Power

Beyond showing you near real-time data, gplink also archives all data, which can be referenced at any time. On-demand reports can be compiled by date range, shift, alarms, DM codes, geofences, engine logs and position to easily identify wasteful habits. You’ll also receive monthly updates on any alarms received during the month, a complete engine diagnostic report and any other important updates.

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Archive Everything

All of the location, engine and system data that gplink monitors is archived in full in your account. These logs can be invaluable for troubleshooting an issue or documenting your system history for insurance or resale purposes.


Monthly Digests

We also provide a monthly service report to all owners which outlines alert activities for the period and includes info on system updates and helpful tips for getting the most out of your gplink system.

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On-Demand Reports

At any time you can access all logs via the control panel and generate custom reports for specific notifications, engines and time frames.

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