On-Demand Diagnostics

gplink is a remote monitoring diagnostic solution for managing remote wind farm technology. Deployed on any power generation system, gplink is a very cost effective tool to monitor windpower assets in ocean and land-based wind farms. gplink can be used by operators and wind farm maintenance providers in monitoring, testing, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance capacities to help maintain wind farm reliability.

Data You Desire

gplink monitors power generating equipment using J1939 CAN connections or Modbus interface and can be configured to display the data that is most important to your goals. gplink is capable of reporting on a large variety of data sets for power generating equipment, including:

Workboat Show
  • Engine Hours
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • RPM
  • Average Volts
  • Average Amps
  • Not in Auto
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
  • High Coolant Temp Shutdown
  • Generator Supplying Load
  • Phase A Volts
  • Phase B Volts
  • Phase C Volts
  • Phase A Current
  • Phase B Current
  • Phase C Current
  • K/W/Reading/Power Factor
  • Remote Start Signal Active
  • Rupture Basic Alarm – optional
  • Fuel Differential Pressure
  • Exhaust Temp
  • Remote Stop/Start Including e-stop
  • Generator Running
  • Warning Common Alarm
  • Shutdown Common Alarm
  • Low Fuel/High Fuel
  • Gen Breaker Open
  • Battery Charger Failure
  • Over-speed
  • Over-crank
  • Over-voltage

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