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gplink protects your boat while you are away or onboard by monitoring engines and on-board critical systems: including bilge levels, smoke alarms, low batteries, power interruption, and engine diagnostic codes – all while tracking the precise location of your boat. With just a couple clicks you can set up boundary alarms based on GPS coordinates, and gplink will notify you immediately via phone call, e-mail or text message of any unauthorized movement of your boat, as well as any detected alarm conditions.

How It Works

gplink is composed of precision sensors attached to critical monitoring points and the onboard engine control network, which now includes the NMEA 2000 interface. These sensors feed information to an independent multi-carrier GSM cellular and Iridium LEO satellite interface with 16-channel GPS tracking. This system sends vessel information to our data center in near real-time, and can be configured to monitor a number of different data points, including:

52' Sabre

  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Alert type
  • Alert tripped time/date
  • Alert cleared time/date
  • Alert logs archived for up to seven years
  • Time in alert state
  • Speed
  • Heading
  • Battery strength
  • Engine load
  • Engine RPM
  • Oil pressure
  • Engine hours
  • Coolant temp
  • Geofence territory identification
  • Geofence hazard area identification
  • Time entered geofence
  • Time exited geofence
  • Time in geofence
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