Commercial Marine


Resource Management

gplink  monitors your commercial vessels and equipment, allowing you to detect anomalies before they turn into problems. Minimize downtime and maximize your workboat productivity, all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. Whether you manage a single vessel or a vast fleet, gplink is an invaluable tool designed to help keep your vessels on the water longer and increase your bottom line.

Data You Desire

Monitoring, tracking and troubleshooting your assets remotely has never been easier and gplink can be configured to monitor the data points that matter most to you, including:

Workboat Show
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Alert type
  • Alert tripped time/date
  • Alert cleared time/date
  • Alert logs archived for up to seven years
  • Time in alert state
  • Speed
  • Heading
  • Battery strength
  • SPN
  • Speed
  • Engine RPM
  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine hours
  • Coolant temp
  • Intake manifold temps
  • Compressor inlet temp
  • Oil temp
  • Fuel burn rate (by engine)
  • Engine load
  • Total fuel used (by shift/day/week/month)
  • Average fuel burn rate
Additional reports and archiving for commercial vessels include:
  • Fuel usage by day/week/month/shift
  • DM2 code history
  • Alert history
  • Geofence history
  • Location/position history and log
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